Our Top 6 Game Releases of January

Jan 14 , 2019

Our Top 6 Game Releases of January

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, Xbox One)
Being released early in the year on 29 January 2019

Kingdom Hearts III published and developed by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts III will feature new characters from Popular Pixar Films to find out more about these characters do check out our earlier article. Aside from new characters

Kingdom Hearts III will offer new Features such as Attacks that involve Disney Park attractions as well as a Party Limit increase to a total of a five-player party. Additionally, Riku will also be a playable character in game. To find out more on Kingdom Hearts III do check their Official Website as always.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
will be released internationally later this month on January 25th 2019

Being Developed and published By Capcom.
Resident Evil 2 Remake offers a remaster edition of the Classic 1998 game Resident Evil 2, returning with original main playable characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they escape from Raccoon City during its zombie apocalypse. The remake will return to its original routes as a Survival Horror adding more caution and importance to your actions.

To find out more about Resident Evil 2 remake do check out the Official Website

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC)
releasing in January 11th 2019

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
Being developed and published by Bandai Namco 

Celebrating 10 years of Tales of Vesperia, the Definitive edition will feature new characters and an expanded story continuing from the classic, As well as full HD Graphics, brand new music tracks, bosses and a new collection of costume DLC. 2 New playable characters will be joining on your adventures as you progress through the story. for more information do check out their Official Site

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (Switch)

Slated for release on January 11th 2019

Developed and Published by Nintendo

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
Is a combination of both New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U Games.
New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Will Allow up to three friends or family to join you in your adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom.  Talking about multiple players on screen. Characters Nabbit and Toadette will be playable characters. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is a must have for any fans of the series. do check out their Official Site for more info

Tropico 6 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Being released on 25 January for PC and
29 March for Consoles

Developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media

Tropico 6 will continue from any other Tropico game as you take on the role of El Presidente the Leader of the Carribean Island Nation of Tropico. Tropico 6 features new content such as the ability to create an Archipelago on islands to allow for Multi-Island Management. As well as an El Presidente experience your actions on the citizens could affect productivity or cause a revolt against you. Tropico 6 will focus more on the political aspects of being a leader with its revised research system and if single player isn’t what you’re looking for Tropico 6 allows multi player up to 4 players. For more information do check out their Official Site

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Slated for Console release on January 18th 2019 and February 1st 2019 for PC 

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Developed by Project Aces and Published by Bandai Namco,

Is set in conflict known as the Second Usean Continental War, a conflict between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea. You will fight under the callsign “Trigger” part of the Osean Air Defense Force against Erusea’s unmanned drones, Trigger starts out as a member of the Osea’s Mage Squadron before being accused of murdering a former president thus being sent to Osea’s Spare Squadron, Ace Combat 7 features VR Support to provide a immersive realistic experience into the world of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. do check out their Official Site for more info

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